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Above the Bar Gymnastics Academy

Call about our Classes, Teams, Birthday Parties and Camps


9701 Atlee Commons Drive, Ashland, VA 23005

Air Conditioned 18,000+SF facility !

(804) 553-4495

Class Descriptions

See Registration Page for Specific Days,

Times and Ages

Parent and Tot   $90

This 45 minute class is for children aged 18 months to 3 years old, who will be accompanied during the instructor-lead class by one parent, grandparent or guardian who will actively assist the child with the skills and following directions. This provides a social and educational experience for the child, as well as a bonding time with the adult accompanying them.

Preschool I   45 min $85     Preschool II Classes        1 Hour $100 

Preschool I-this 45 minute class is for children either transitioning from Parent and Tot or new to gymnastics ages 3-5 who are able to attend without a parent present. Preschool II -- these 60 minute classes are for preschool children aged 3-5 who are ready for a longer class or have advanced gymnastic preschool skills. This will be an independence and self-esteem builder for the child. A parent is required to remain in the waiting area during all preschool classes. Students will work on age-appropriate skills that progress towards gymnastics skills. Balance, jumping, hanging, swinging, running skills are emphasized along with listening and actively following directions. These classes are all co-ed. 

After-school Classes  

These classes are offered to children ages 5 and up who are in school during the day. Class levels are offered according to age and ability. Classes are 60 minutes or 90 minutes long. Students will progress through beginning to intermediate and advanced skills, learned in a safe, positive atmosphere, with a definite element of fun.  

Beginner Classes    1 Hour  $100

Most students, regardless of age, start in the beginner classes. The beginner classes are offered for either only boys or only girls and teach rolls, head stands, handstands, beginning cartwheels, bridge from the floor, beginning pull-overs, pike and straddle swings, walks and beginning jumps on beam, running and jumping technique on vault. Boys also learn various swinging and support skills on parallel bars, pommel horse and rings. Strength building is emphasized at all levels. Classes are organized by age as well as skill levels.

Beginner 1--NO Experience or Some Experience Beginner 2--Has a Cartwheel and Working On Handstand with Hold, Backward Rolls, Advanced Beginner--Has Beginner 2 Skills, Working on Standing Back bend, Round-off

Senior Beginner Age 9 and up, Advanced Beginner-By Instructor Recommendation

Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate   1 Hour 30 minutes $130 

These classes require instructor approval or skill evaluation session to be placed into the class. If you are new to our gym, please call to schedule a skill evaluation session. We will assist you with enrolling in a class at the time of the evaluation session. Students in this class should be able to do a cartwheel, forward and backward rolls, a good bridge, a standing back bend, a handstand, be comfortable on the high beam, be able to do a pull-over on bars, cast on bars, and basic squat-on and straddle-on vaults.

Advanced   1 Hour 30 minutes $140

Minimum skills a gymnast should have to participate in this class are a back walkover, cartwheel, round-off, pullover, back hip circle, cartwheel and handstand on low beam. Instructor recommendation or skill evaluation required.  

Tumbling        1 hour $100

This class is for students interested only in tumbling, or in the tumbling aspect of cheerleading. These classes are offered according to age and ability. The special feature of this class is that is focuses specifically on tumbling (cart-wheels, round-offs, back-handsprings, front and back tucks) and is just what cheerleaders need to increase ability and confidence. No gymnastics apparatus will be used in this class other than the floor and the tumble-track. Developing strength necessary for tumbling will be emphasized.

Home School Classes

This class is offered during the day for students who are home schooled. Class levels will be offered according to age and ability, however we are able to accommodate a variety of levels during the same class for home school groups. Classes are 60 minutes long. Like our After School Classes, students will progress through beginning to intermediate and advanced skills, learned in a safe, positive atmosphere, with a definite element of fun. These classes will provide students opportunities for socialization as well as active learning in a structured environment.  

Home-school groups should contact the gym directly to arrange for a class that suits their specific needs. This is available for groups of 8 or larger. Individual home school students are not limited to home school classes and can enroll in a class during the day or during our After School Class times.